How Federal Agencies are Improving the Customer Service Experience

Federal government agencies are increasingly leveraging big data to inform decisions, improve services and applications for citizens and businesses, and better measure outcomes of policies and initiatives.

Efforts to improve customer service in federal agencies have grown tremendously in recent years. Four federal agencies have added Chief Customer Service Officers – with more considering this addition to the leadership team. To improve the customer experience, agencies are turning to call centers, digital services and citizen’s preferences to better engage with their constituents. Federal agencies can now use Yelp in an official capacity to receive customer feedback on needed service improvements.

Can agencies provide customers with the service experience they are used to receiving from private sector organizations? What are the next steps to realizing this goal?

In this webcast, Bloomberg Government will examine the evolving impact of technology in government, and the key drivers of the next wave of e-government innovation.

Topics Include:

  • Structuring existing data points: Key to creating a cohesive customer experience.
  • Sharing services and data within and across federal agencies: can this challenge be met?
  • Call centers: How can these be leveraged to improve the customer experience?
  • Data-driven business decisions: Agencies must integrate information and feedback from customers.



Webinar - On-Demand

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