PureCloud: Evaluations Made Easy

Onboarding and training agents can be time-consuming. PureCloud removes the unnecessary hassle, sending recordings to your inbox with evaluations already attached.


PureCloud: Outbound Dialer Scripts

Don't let outbound dialer script creation eat up all of your time. Work smarter and faster with PureCloud.


PureCloud: Agent Details

Get a rich, complete view of agent statistics with PureCloud.


PureCloud: Graphical Reporting

PureCloud gives you great tools for graphical reporting of historical data.


PureCloud: Access Reports

PureCloud makes it easy to create new reports, and access saved reports.


PureCloud: Navigating Recordings

Find the right information right now with PureCloud. Our filtering will help locate the recording you need instantly. Once you find it, listen to the whole exchange, right down to the IVR.


PureCloud: Queue View

PureCloud has tools to help you see the information that's most important.


PureCloud: Quality Evaluations

Keep customer satisfaction at an all-time high with quality evaluations in PureCloud.


Video - PureCloud

PureCloud℠ quickly and cost-effectively delivers highly reliable, scalable and innovative multichannel applications, while giving contact center managers deep insight into performance and processes.


PureCloud: Architect Call Flows

Demo: Architect Call Flows


PureCloud: Agent Call Handling

Demo: Agent Call Handling


PureCloud: Agent Chat Handling

Demo: Agent Chat Handling


PureCloud: QM Questionnaire Creation

Demo: QM Questionnaire Creation


PureCloud: Reports

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Are You Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience?

Small and mid-size businesses have one clear advantage when competing against larger enterprises: the ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience.




Capital Card Services

The open architecture of the Customer Interaction Center allows Capital Card Services to meet all customer requests, provides blended dialing to agents, and supplies cradle to grave call data for executives.

Communicate: On the Move

Sometimes life pulls you away from your desk. Forward your calls to your cell phone with the click of a button thanks to Communicate's phone selector.


Communicate: Conference Call

Gone are the days of accidental hangups. Conference calls are a snap with PureCloud Communicate.

Collaborate: Quoting

Quickly and easily reference past points in conversations with Quotes in Collaborate.

Collaborate: Persistent Chat

Historical chat in Collaborate makes email threads seem old-fashioned.


Collaborate: Locator

Watch how easy it is to use PureCloud Collaborate to locate a person's office.


Collaborate: LinkedIn Import

Learn more about how PureCloud Collaborate syncs with LinkedIn profiles, to keep information consistent - without duplicating effort.


Collaborate: Finding The Right Person

Watch how PureCloud Collaborate makes it easy to find exactly who you need to communicate with.


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