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Monday, May 22, 2017 to Thursday, May 25, 2017
Next year we will bring you CX17 (formerly INTERACTIONS), the industry’s newest customer experience event offering amazing learning and networking opportunities.

Big Data Big Promise: Bringing New Insight into Contact Center Operations

Analytics is the fastest growing segment in the contact center and for good reason. Analytics is hot because customer service has become the defining factor for businesses success or failure with attracting and retaining customers. Analytics helps us determine our audience, prospects, and what our customers like and want, and how...
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Six Top Challenges of Deploying a Multichannel Contact Center and

Today’s customers expect to contact you whenever and however they want. But meeting those expectations isn't easy. Technology, training, choosing which channels to offer and customer adoption are just a few of the multichannel challenges. When you’re a small to mid-sized contact center with limited budget and resources, it gets e...
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Integrated Communications and Collaboration: The Key to Insurance Omnichannel Success

It’s tempting to think that insurance customers stay strictly within the channel guardrails during their purchase and servicing journeys but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the voyages that your customers take to buy and service their insurance needs are often complex and fraught with missed chances to speed up ...
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Collections Analytics: Stories about Data Segmentation, Treatment and Scheduling

Most collections shops are data intensive operations, and using modeling and analytics can greatly improve collections performance. But it is also easy to make analytic mistakes. During this free 60-minute webinar, we shared stories about a few seemingly different topics: collections data and segmentation, collector scheduling, a...
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Hitting Revenue and Cost Targets with WFO

Whether you run a sales or a service only operation, for all companies managing the bottom line is a top operational priority. As organizations grow and complexity increases, hitting your targets becomes increasingly difficult. This third of three webinars will help attendees learn how to identify inefficiencies that increase co...
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Tips and Tricks for Successful Contact Center Forecasting and Planning

Workforce management has long been characterized like so: Ensure that the right numbers of agents are available at the right time to service customers. This definition still applies, and now extends to strategic planning ‒ of which many companies subscribe to two areas to ensure they’re staffed appropriately, at all times: To ...
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Are Spreadsheets Consuming Your Planning Process?

In a recent report, Ventana Research found that when it comes to contact center planning, reporting, and analysis 75% of your efforts are wasted. The culprits? Rekeying and manual data aggregation that come from trying to manage those critical processes with spreadsheets. The good news: it doesn’t have to be this way. You can sto...
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Cloud Contact Center Deployment Models: One Size Does Not Fit All

What’s most important to your organization to drive meaningful business outcomes? Security – Compliance – Control – Availability – Consolidation – Growth – Functionality – Customization – Experience – Speed – Simplicity – Retention – Innovation – Insight – Efficiency – Revenue – Cost Today’s cloud contact center offerings are b...
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Contact Center Collections Analytics

Most collections shops are data intensive operations, and using modeling and analytics can greatly improve collections performance. But it is also easy to make analytic mistakes. During this free 60-minute webinar, we will share stories about a few seemingly different topics: collections data and segmentation, collector schedulin...
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Six Undeniable Reasons Why Utilities Must Think Digital for Customer Engagement

Customer engagement in the utilities industry is undergoing radical change. The ongoing introduction of new digital engagement channels is shifting customer preferences at a rapid pace. For utilities that don’t keep up, customer satisfaction is at risk. Since all-at-once introduction of digital channels isn’t usually an option,...
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Ensuring Consistent Omnichannel Performance with Workforce Optimization

Customers increasingly want to interact with your business on their terms. If your organization is like many today, you are responding by adding more contact channels and expanding self-service options. And, as the number of channels multiply, so does the complexity of managing your contact center. This second of three webinars w...
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How Federal Agencies are Improving the Customer Service Experience

Federal government agencies are increasingly leveraging big data to inform decisions, improve services and applications for citizens and businesses, and better measure outcomes of policies and initiatives. Efforts to improve customer service in federal agencies have grown tremendously in recent years. Four federal agencies have ...
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How Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud Increases Business Agility

Companies don't reach the top by doing what they've always done. To gain a competitive advantage, businesses must be able to adapt. Evolving strategic priorities, seasonality, and changing customer expectations significantly impact contact center performance and how a company responds to its customers. Join guest presenter Drew K...
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Omnichannel Implementation Best Practices

With the proliferation of digital channels and rising customer expectations, the stakes have been raised. Businesses that fail to provide consistent and contextual experiences across channels stand to lose customers and revenues. This webinar will provide the “how to” for a successful omnichannel implementation. You will learn b...
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How to Optimize Multichannel Support

Smart customer service organizations know they must balance the needs of the customer with the needs of the employee and the organization. However, this can be difficult — and even impossible — to accomplish across multiple channels, especially if your organization is relying on a legacy syste...
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Integrate Audio Devices With Contact Center Software for Striking Insight and Reporting

Learn how to understand what is happening during critical ‘moments of truth’ in the contact center – and radically impact the customer experience. This free, 60-minute webinar will help contact centers understand that when you combine a complete customer engagement solution with cutting-edge audio technology, you open up your wo...
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