PureCloud: Evaluations Made Easy

Onboarding and training agents can be time-consuming. PureCloud removes the u...

PureCloud: Outbound Dialer Scripts

Don't let outbound dialer script creation eat up all of your time. Work smarter a...

PureCloud: Access Reports

PureCloud makes it easy to create new reports, and access saved reports.   ...

PureCloud: Navigating Recordings

Find the right information right now with PureCloud. Our filtering will help loca...

PureCloud: Queue View

PureCloud has tools to help you see the information that's most important.  ...

PureCloud: Agent Details

Get a rich, complete view of agent statistics with PureCloud.  

PureCloud: Graphical Reporting

PureCloud gives you great tools for graphical reporting of historical data. &nbs...

PureCloud: Quality Evaluations

Keep customer satisfaction at an all-time high with quality evaluations in PureCl...


Looking for rock-solid reliability and scalability as wide as the sky? Learn ...

PureCloud: Architect Call Flows

Demo: Architect Call Flows

PureCloud: Agent Call Handling

Demo: Agent Call Handling  

PureCloud: Agent Chat Handling

Demo: Agent Chat Handling

PureCloud: QM Questionnaire Creation

Demo: QM Questionnaire Creation  

PureCloud: Reports

Demo: Reports

Collaborate: Quoting

Using quotes in a Collaborate chat.  

PureCloud Platform Overview

PureCloud Patform Overview

Faceted Recording Search

Finding the right recording is fast and easy with PureCloud faceted search tools....

PureCloud Communicate calls tutorial

PureCloud Communicate calls tutorial    

Communicate: On the Move

Sometimes life pulls you away from your desk. Forward your calls to your cell pho...

Communicate: Conference Call

Gone are the days of accidental hangups. Conference calls are a snap with PureClo...

Collaborate: Persistent Chat

Historical chat in Collaborate makes email threads seem old-fashioned.   ...

Collaborate: Face-to-Face Interaction

Watch how PureCloud Collaborate helps you make great connections face-to-face. &...

PureCloud Communicate

PureCloud Communicate makes it easy for your entire company to connect and work t...

PureCloud Collaborate

A quick look at what makes PureCloud Collaborate great.  


Keep track of a lot of information with little effort using PureCloud dashboard v...