Media Coverage

The Motley Fool

Among cloud-computing companies, Interactive Intelligence is hardly a household name. Yet the company has done a good job of finding a profitable niche and making the most of i...

Channel Partner Program Roundup

Customer engagement software and cloud service provider Interactive Intelligence launched a new Global Partner Program with features and benefits designed to bring its partners new ...

The Burden of IT

It goes without saying technology has changed over the last couple of decades. The omnipresence of the Internet paired with the seemingly boundless capabilities of the smart phone and its applications have changed how we view communications and the workplace.  

Smooth as Silk

Ohio Mutual Insurance Group rid itself of outdated workflows through the help of business process automation software.

Retail TouchPoints

Don Brown shares insights into how Interactive Intelligence is automating B&H call center processes. Brown talks about the growing importance of video customer service, for exam...

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