Customer Interaction Center™ 4.0

There has never been a better time to upgrade to Customer Interaction Center version 4.0!

Interactive Intelligence customers who choose to upgrade to CIC 4.0 in 2014 have access to new media server pricing and discounts on solutions, services, and training. To make your upgrade experience even better, our professional services team is focused on designing an upgrade path that suits your needs, with minimal business disruption and at a lower cost to you. Contact your Account Manager to find out more.

Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) has always been a powerful all-in-one solution for IP business communications. Now with the release of 4.0, CIC provides an architecture that’s even more powerful, user tools to make the customer experience even more satisfying, and management tools that improve the performance of any business — dramatically.

Learn about everything CIC 4.0 will do for your business.

Improved Architecture
  • Eliminates third-party telephony components
  • Increased scalability and reliability
  • CIC becomes a pure application server
  • All media processing on the Interaction Media Server™ Appliance
  • Virtualization of the CIC environment
  • Internal cloud deployment option
Enhanced Experience
  • Enhanced web client
  • Additional email handling
  • Agent assistance
  • New web portal for internal stakeholders and external customers
Expanded Management Insight
  • Real-time speech analytics
  • Improved quality monitoring
  • Reporting and supervisory enhancements

The quick availability to search on keywords, find keywords, flag keywords, and have a supervisor intervene almost instantaneously is key. We can avoid a lot of issues by interrupting a call or switching it to a supervisor right away.

Rob Ezsek, Apex Financial

I think there is a lot that's coming with 4.0 that will make what we are doing now easier. I envision this is going to be a tool that is totally going to transform our department.

Lisa Dunson, Airlines Reporting Corp

Customer Interaction Center™ 4.0 – What’s New

Customer Interaction Center (CIC) has always been a powerful all-on-one solution for IP business communications. Now with the release of 4.0, the platform pushes forward into the next wave of intelligent business communications.

What’s new with the Architecture?

With version 4.0, the CIC server becomes a pure application server. All audio processing is now handled by the Interaction Media Server™ appliance, freeing up resources on the CIC server to greatly increase the reliability of the whole solution and enhance scalability at the same time.

The scalability increases in version 4.0 are not just small incremental percentages. In some cases they are 5 to 7 times greater than the previous release of CIC.

Customer Interaction Center  4.0 Operational Efficiencies
CIC 4.0 operational efficiencies compared to CIC 3.0

The fundamental changes in CIC 4.0’s architecture allow organizations of all sizes to take advantage of new options including virtualization of the CIC server and building their own private cloud as they plan for future communication needs.

What Enhanced Experiences can users look forward to?

CIC 4.0 has a wide array of improved features at the agent and business user level, at the supervisor level, and at operational and executive levels. These features not only enhance the user experience, they also directly relate to providing better customer service.

With features that include WrapUp Codes, Workgroup Activation, Advanced Transfer and many others, the Interaction Web Client™ has been upgraded from a solid desktop enterprise client to a well-rounded option for contact center agents.

CIC 4.0 also introduces a new product, Interaction Web Portal™.

For internal stakeholders as well as for outsourcers’ clients, the Interaction Web Portal offers greater visibility into how their contact center operations are performing. In one comprehensive environment, persons who’ve been given access to the Web Portal have the ability to monitor agents in real-time, listen to recordings, and report and track agent and queue activity — all to keep a pulse on their contact center.

CIC 4.0 users also will notice significant improvements to email handling, including support for thread discussions, enhanced HTML support, tighter integration to Microsoft® Outlook®, and a more natural email response model overall. And for the agent-supervisor experience, a new agent assistance facility allows agents in need of help to have their request queued to one or many supervisors, and then enter into a live chat about the current interaction.

What’s new for Management?

More than any previous version of CIC, version 4.0 provides a total and intelligent real-time view of what the CIC system and every user is doing, at any point in the service process.

Contact center managers have always struggled trying to decide which interactions need their immediate attention. To address this issue, CIC 4.0 introduces Interaction Analyzer™, a real-time keyword/phrase spotting application that brings speech analytics to the CIC platform. Interaction Analyzer monitors, scores and alerts managers to any issues that might arise on a call, all in real-time.

Interaction Supervisor®, while not a new product, has been significantly upgraded and is now part of the Interaction Center Business Manager. Interaction Supervisor is now a .NET module, which affords greater scalability for larger contact centers. And with a new reporting architecture, all levels of management will have a more detailed view of their contact center operations.

See the What’s New handout for more details on CIC 4.0.

Check out improvements and innovations to Customer Interaction Center 4.0.

With each release of CIC, we continue to make impressive strides in scalability and reliability as we add new features. But we don’t rest between full releases. Instead, we constantly implement new enhancements to all parts of the Interaction Center Platform. Below are just some of the additions we’ve added with recent service updates.

Interaction Client Web Edition

Interaction Client Web Edition now includes the capability to add, edit, and remove contacts to and from the Private Contacts list. Prior to this release, it was only possible to view and dial from the Private Contact list.

Interaction Recorder

Scorecard searching
A new scorecard-based search gives supervisors the ability to search based on several different attributes – and then view the resulting scorecards. New search attributes include:

  • Questionnaire
  • Rank Name
  • Critical Accuracy Score
  • Non-Critical Accuracy Score
  • Scoring Date
  • Scored Role
  • Scoring Role
  • Scoring Workgroup
  • Scored Workgroup
  • Calibration

Archiving and bulk export of recordings
A new archiving feature provides the ability to automatically archive recordings using Interaction Recorder Policy Editor. In Interaction Recorder 4.0 SU3 and later, you can archive recordings to manage recorded interactions such as calls, emails, and screen recordings.

Interaction Web Portal (IWP)

The Interaction Web Portal (IWP) product is now available in IC 4.0. Features include access to statistics, recordings, reports, and live call monitoring. IWP provides web access to contact center supervisors and agents as well as stakeholders outside the contact center.

Interaction Marquee

Interaction Marquee is now available in IC 4.0 and allows users to view and display real time statistics on wall boards, LED screens, monitors, and smartphone mobile devices. Marquee 4.0 utilizes the IWP framework and brings a simpler approach to sharing contact center statistics with workgroups and organizations.

Interaction Client Mini Mode

This new client mode allows you to run Interaction Client using a smaller footprint and provides a compact view of your current interactions. If you have the appropriate security right, you can switch between the full Interaction Client view and one of two smaller views. Interaction Client Mini Mode supports all media types.

Interaction SIP Bridge®

The Interaction SIP Bridge is a new application that allows a remote worker to use a supported IP phone and VPN connection with no additional hardware. It is the specialized, licensed version of the Interaction SIP Proxy that can bridge SIP, RTP, and HTTP provisioning information from a private LAN to a VPN tunnel.

A SIP phone on the local network can be configured and operated as a managed station on an IC server via the Interaction SIP Bridge. No configuration is necessary on the remote user’s SOHO router/firewall.

Integrations Packages

Support for the following integrations is included in IC 4.0:

  • WFM (Historical and RTA)
  • Remedy
  • Sametime
  • Heat
  • Lync Telephony and plug-in integration
  • Oracle RightNow
  • Oracle Siebel

Interaction Analyzer Language Models

IC 4.0 now includes these new language models for Interaction Analyzer:

  • UK English
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Canadian French
  • Dutch
  • Australian English
  • German
  • Turkish

Integration with LiveLOOK

This integration allows agents to easily view and work in a customer’s screen. The integration offers both co-browsing and the ability to share screens between contact center agents and customers.

Interaction Administrator® - Web Edition (CaaS)

We continue the ongoing evolution to enhance the web version of our administrative interfaces. The web edition is a valuable part of our cloud-based solutions. With SU1, we added a second phase of features to the new Interaction Administrator - Web Edition, including full control for the following areas:

  • Workgroups
  • Roles
  • Skills
  • Account codes
  • Wrap-codes
  • Wrap-up categories
  • Access control groups