Workforce Optimization

Rely on an all-in-one solution for optimizing workforce performance.

The Interactive Intelligence workforce optimization (WFO) solution gives your contact center the necessary tools to optimize the performance of your entire workforce and achieve your operational and strategic goals. Whether those goals are delivering a great customer experience, holding the line on servicing costs, or a little of both – WFO from Interactive Intelligence helps you reach them by monitoring, directing, and improving employee performance.

Get the features you need now.

Workforce optimization is built into the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) all-in-one platform, providing out-of-the-box integration that gets you up and running quickly with a single point of administration that simplifies configuration and maintenance.

All WFO components are installed along with CIC. You decide on the features your operation needs today, and when you’re ready to expand – just add licenses, no additional software is needed. Updates are automatically delivered with CIC, including those for features not currently in use, so they will be up-to-date and ready to go when you want them.

Deliver the experience your customers expect.

When customers contact your business their expectations are pretty straightforward. They want to have their issues or questions handled quickly and correctly. Ineffective processes or underperforming employees can prevent that from happening, frustrating your customers and risking their business. Workforce optimization pinpoints exactly when and where these types of instances occur in your operations, and it helps you make the corrections necessary to resolve them.

Hold the line on servicing costs.

Workforce optimization helps you find and eliminate inefficiencies in your operations that unnecessarily raise the expense of servicing your customers. Self-service failures that drive up contact volumes. Agents not sticking to their work schedules. Knowledge or training gaps that extend handling times. Processes with needless steps. All add to the costs of running your operation. Workforce optimization identifies these and other cost drivers, showing you exactly where they happen and what causes them. Then it helps you fix them to make your business as efficient as possible.

Choose cloud or on premises.

Workforce optimization from Interactive Intelligence is the only WFO solution purpose-built for either cloud or on-premises deployment. You choose the one that best fits your business. And if your needs change in the future, you can easily change deployment methods and preserve your current investment. Move from on-premises to the cloud, or even the other way around, without downtime or losing your applications.

The Interactive Intelligence workforce optimization suite offers comprehensive functionality that works to improve your contact center performance.

Multichannel Interaction Recording

  • Capture the entire customer experience across all channels
  • Quickly search and retrieve recordings
  • Use live monitoring to act before problems escalate
  • Apply rules-based policies for flexibility on what and when to record

Workforce Management

  • More standard features than any other system
  • Multichannel forecasting and scheduling
  • Skills-based forecasting and scheduling
  • Preference or bidding schedule assignment
  • Intraday management and reforecasting
  • Real-time and historical schedule adherence
  • Agent self-service

Quality Management

  • Fully integrated with multichannel recording features
  • Automated delivery of interactions to evaluate
  • Live call evaluations
  • Access to speech analytics and customer feedback information

Strategic Planning

  • Patented simulation technology for near-100% accuracy
  • Automated forecast, budget, staffing, and capacity plans
  • Sophisticated what-if and risk analysis
  • Pre-integrated with WFM, ACD, and other data feeds

Customer Feedback

  • Integrated survey creation and management
  • No per-survey charges
  • Automatic recording of interactions with surveys
  • Real-time threshold alerts on feedback scores

Speech Analytics

  • Real-time detection of words and phrases
  • Automated scoring
  • Real-time alerts
  • Analytic results stored with recordings
  • Patented Spotability™ accuracy indicator

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