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Interaction Optimizer® is a workforce management (WFM) software application that simplifies the process of forecasting volumes and scheduling agents in multichannel contact centers. As part of the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) all-in-one platform, the Interactive Intelligence workforce management system does not require any third-party ACD or CTI integrations and always uses up-to-date information on agent availability, skillsets, and routing rules when creating forecasts and schedules. The business benefits of Interaction Optimizer reflect its name, as your contact center optimizes the utilization of your valuable agent resources.

  • Achieve service goals across multiple channels
  • Improve agent effectiveness and satisfaction
  • Generate more accurate forecasts
  • Enhance scheduling effectiveness
  • Monitor agent activity, adherence, and operations in real-time

Part of a comprehensive workforce optimization suite

Interaction Optimizer is a part of the Interactive Intelligence Workforce Optimization (WFO) suite, a comprehensive solution for optimizing workforce performance to achieve operational goals. Seamless integration with the Interactive Intelligence all-in-one contact center solution ensures quick deployment, lower operating costs, and worry-free operation. Interactive Intelligence WFO provides feature-rich functionality for interaction recording, workforce management, quality management, customer feedback, strategic planning, and real-time speech analytics.

Cloud or on-premises

Interactive Intelligence offers your choice of a complete on-premises solution, a cloud solution, or a managed service. You can even migrate your cloud solution to your own site at any time, seamlessly, without incurring downtime or losing your applications.


  • Automatically use historical ACD data in CIC to make forecasting a seamless, accurate process
  • Anticipate interaction volumes for phone, email, web chat, and other contact channels
  • Determine optimal headcount needed to meet service level or ASA goals


  • Create agent schedules that accommodate vacation time, preferences, schedule changes and variances, labor/union laws, employee availability and skill matching
  • Automatically assign schedules based on agent preferences or use schedule bidding for greater agent control
  • Simplify scheduling process, and easily identify shortages and overages in demand
  • Improve agent and planning staff satisfaction with scheduling flexibility and “what-if” scenario capabilities

Intraday monitoring and reforecasting

  • Account for unexpected events and re-establish realistic expectations for the day
  • Provide up-to-the-interval reassessments based on observed behavior
  • Set temporary service level or ASA goals
  • Revise volume, average interaction time or after call work times

Real-time adherence

  • Monitor agents’ adherence to schedule continuously throughout the workday
  • Automatically alert supervisors when their attention is needed
  • Monitor live interactions to find out why agents are not keeping to their schedules

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