Strategic Planning

Count on agent capacity planning from a specific solution for contact centers.

Interaction Decisions™ is long-term strategic planning software designed for contact centers that uses data from third-party sources such as ACD, workforce management, customer feedback, and payroll systems. This proven solution helps address your most common and complex business challenges.

Get the speed you need.

Interaction Decisions quickly calculates and updates all impacted metrics automatically – giving planners the information to make real-time decisions. Discover the organizational impact caused by changes in seasonality and customer behavior within seconds of running simulations.

Rely on accuracy.

Spend less time producing spreadsheets and more time analyzing the best course of action. Interaction Decisions provides accuracy through custom, discrete event simulation - giving analysts the facts to validate output at any time.

Choose cloud or on-premises.

Depending on your needs, select a premises-based or cloud solution at a fixed monthly cost.

Forecast performance.

At its core, the goal of forecasting for a contact center network is to ensure the right resources are in place to get the job done in the most efficient and profitable way.

Forecast accurately and plan correctly, and you’ll achieve efficiency, profitability, consistent service levels, and happy agents. Forecast poorly, and you’ll end up with a big expensive mess of a contact center operation

We define performance forecasting as:

  • Determining the expected contact volume, shrinkage, handle time, attrition rates, and other important performance drivers
  • Determining the companies response to these forecasts
  • Determining the operations and financial results expected

Interaction Decisions uses eleven different mathematical methods, alone or in combination, to predict weekly, monthly, annually, and multi-year scenarios for any planning input metric.

Forecasting contact volumes, handle times, and shrinkage is an important step in planning. But it’s in step two, determining the impact of those forecasts on the overall business, that planners really earn their keep. Because it’s in this step that you should be able to accurately answer questions like:

  • When and where should we hire?
  • Should we use overtime or hire or both? How about outsourcing?
  • Should we offer a cross-sale?
  • Should we open or close contact centers?
  • What service goal should we offer? Should this change seasonally?

Performance forecast focuses on the questions and analysis that matter most. It helps you answer the big-picture questions, because these have the greatest impact on your company.

Count on implementation and support.

The Interaction Decisions implementation process is engineered for speed and quality – and minimizes workload requirements.

Implementation Services

  • Project management
  • Contact center network analysis and documentation
  • Historical data sourcing, integration, and validation
  • Simulation model customization and validation
  • Assistance with hardware specification and application certification
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Existing capacity plan and budget conversion and validation
  • Adoption assistance
  • ROI analysis and documentation

Our experienced team of project managers, many of whom have advanced degrees in operations research or industrial engineering, are directly involved and accountable for the success of your Interaction Decisions implementation.

Ongoing Support

We provide comprehensive telephone and email support to our customers and have a proven track record resolving support issues. Every member of our support team has extensive experience with Interaction Decisions and solving real-world contact center planning analysis challenges.