Stay ahead of the competition.

Insurance carriers, MGAs and third-party administrators face increasingly competitive environments. To stay ahead, companies must simplify operations across business applications and improve communication with insureds and prospects. With the multichannel platform from Interactive Intelligence® and its integrated applications for the contact center, unified communications, business process automation and insurance content management, your organization has a consolidated view of all communications, processes, and content with a single open solution.

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Unify communications and improve relationships.

No matter how your policyholders prefer to communicate with your organization, all interactions are handled inherently. Deliver calls, chats, faxes, emails, social media, and mobile interactions to the appropriate underwriter or assigned adjuster for a more efficient and improved customer experience. Integration to policy and claim administration systems is seamless, and new business and claim processing can be handled on a single platform to connect offices, agents, adjusters, third parties, and policyholders.

Manage all business processes and content.

Business process automation and insurance content management combine for an intrinsic communications-based approach to streamlining processes. Maximize data value, assign, control and track every piece of content across your organization, while viewing all associated interactions. Policy and claim files are not only paperless - they include process details and interaction histories between internal employees, policyholders, and third parties for a consolidated, company-wide view of all communications and inquiries.

Expand your ROI.

Deploying a single software platform allows insurance organizations to simplify infrastructure and significantly reduce administration and energy costs for a return that is immediate. Protect existing administration system investments with easy integration, connect distributed offices, increase security for voice and data, and create disaster recovery programs.

Over 250 insurance organizations of all types and sizes around the world use our complete, scalable, multichannel solutions to manage business processes and content, improve communications with policyholders, and expand ROI. By streamlining operations, your organization provides better service to more customers with fewer interruptions and complaints. Almost immediately, you are attracting new business while retaining the existing relationships with insureds and agents.

Discover a solution that works for you.

Our solutions for contact center, unified communications, business process automation, and content management have something for each insurance organization.

Property and Casualty

Every property and casualty company wants improved customer communications and service. Interactive Intelligence enables carriers to improve new business processing, close claims faster, and enrich the policyholder experience with proven solutions.

Companies can streamline communications to enhance overall customer support strategies and increase satisfaction for policyholders, agents, third parties – even internal employees. In addition, our platform is easily integrated with existing CRM and administration systems to provide an even greater benefit.

Life and Annuity

The life insurance industry typically centers on face-to-face interactions and personalized service, especially in claims processing. The all-in-one platform from Interactive Intelligence allows organizations to keep this personalized value by offering multichannel interactions in a single solution that create advanced routing details and rules to ensure the best customer experience.

With over 250 insurance customers across North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe – we have experience with insurance organizations of all types and sizes. Our all-in-one platform focuses on key business needs for the insurance industry and creates a leading edge solution for customer communications management. It’s just what your organization needs to provide superior customer service.

  • Multichannel handling - Inherently manage phone calls, faxes, emails and online interactions with Customer Interaction Center™.
  • Automated business processing - Sort applications and claims through a single platform while connecting relevant individuals with Interaction Process Automation®.
  • Proactive notification - Inform policyholders of status and important information with Interaction Dialer®.
  • Consolidate communications and content - Maintain a consolidated, company-wide view of communications and policyholder information with Interaction Recorder® and Content Management.
  • Self-service opportunities – Allow policyholder access to premium payments, application status, loss reports, and content requests with IVR capabilities.

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