Social Media Integrations

Make social media a valuable, easy-to-manage communication channel

To make social media management a well-coordinated and visible process in your contact center, Interactive Intelligence offers integrations to social media monitoring solutions from Oracle. Start with the Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) platform, integrate Oracle Service Cloud solution, and you turn your contact center into a social media powerhouse.

  • Monitor posts and Tweets as well as blogs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks. When user comments impact your company, you’re able to route, respond, track and report on them accordingly.
  • Create a 360° social media view of customers to aid problem resolution and build your brand.
  • Establish a “listening station” to stay current with consumer opinions on your products and services. You more effectively generate leads, increase sales, strengthen customer loyalty, and prevent a potential crisis when opinions are negative.

CIC, the ultimate routing engine for alerts and responses

The ACD and multichannel queuing/email routing capabilities in CIC let you automate and manage social media just like any other interaction media. Route social media alerts using CIC’s priority and skills-based routing, and instantly determine agent availability with the CIC system’s real-time presence. You also facilitate the response process — CIC’s ACD feature lets you route social media responses via email, generic object or callback.

Monitoring and reporting… total visibility into agent response times and activities

With CIC’s real-time monitoring features, supervisors see exactly how much time agents spend responding to social media comments. CIC additionally generates detailed reports for all interaction activity, while integration to the reporting and analytics tools from Oracle Service Cloud lets you tailor reports and build actionable data for social media initiatives in particular. On-demand or scheduled, you get a full view of every social media activity and outcome.

Monitor the social web via the cloud

CIC’s SIP-based architecture for IP communications and cloud agility lets you easily support integrations to cloud monitoring tools from Oracle Service Cloud. If you have your own presence on Facebook or other social sites, you just as easily support direct email messages into the contact center and simplify the response process to customers.