Interaction SIP Proxy

Choose a full-featured SIP proxy.

Interaction SIP Proxy performs day-to-day load balancing. It is inherently capable of performing business continuity and survivable remote site telephony (SRST) during disaster recovery. Easy to install and use, the Interaction SIP Proxy software complies with RFC3261. Simply load it on any machine running a validated version of Windows for a sophisticated SIP Proxy server.

High performance

Interaction SIP Proxy comprehensively provides the capabilities desired for a high-powered IP communications configuration.

Highly secure

Interaction SIP Proxy adheres to strict security using HTTPS, digest authentication, and protection of all status and configuration pages. A visual display shows the status of all destination servers and registered devices with complete call detail records. The same display provides SMTP email alerts and SNMP traps for critical events.

Interaction SIP Proxy and Interaction Media Server — combined

For a combined hardware and software solution, get the full-featured Interaction SIP Proxy for load balancing and business continuity management, pre-installed on the Interaction Media Server™ appliance. Deployment comes down to licensing the Interaction SIP Proxy for activation and making a few simple configurations.

  • Load-balancing for inbound and outbound calls based on area code, exchange, DNIS or IP address; SIP messages can be balanced across multiple routes using a round-robin, random or prioritized distribution model
  • An unlimited number of destination entries, whereby Interaction SIP Proxy systematically attempts calls via WAN, then can eventually default the PSTN
  • Fault tolerant routing, the status of each server in the server plans is monitored at the application level
  • Support for SIP over UDP, TCP and TLS protocols
  • Easy configuration via a built-in, secure web server, with remote access from any browser
  • Dial plan simulation via a web interface to assist in troubleshooting
  • Visual display of active calls on the session status web page

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