Interaction Dialer®

Make outbound dialing even more powerful.

Interaction Dialer DemoAs a predictive dialer system, the Interaction Dialer software easily pre-integrates to the Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) for outbound and blended predictive dialing and simplified campaign management. Interaction Dialer also extends functionality for intelligent campaign staging, advanced call scripting, compliance options, and more.

But the real advantage of Interaction Dialer and CIC is the power it delivers for virtually any outbound environment — contact centers, outsourcers, collections — and for predictive dialing scenarios of all kinds.

Campaign monitoring and compliance

The best defense against regulatory violations and fines is an effective compliance plan. With tools that can assist in complying with US and international sales and collections regulations, Interaction Dialer helps your business keep campaign compliance in check.

Cloud or on-premises

Automating contact center operations has never come with so many options. Interaction Dialer is available as a premise-based solution, a cloud hosted contact center solution (Communications as a Service) for a fixed monthly cost, and a managed service where we do it all.

Dialer Software includes:

  • Comprehensive multi-site campaign management
  • Skills-based dialing based on agent skill availability — perfect for state-based licensing
  • Inbound/outbound call blending
  • Stage-based predicting using our patented predictive algorithm, to elevate agent productivity and contact success rates
  • Real-time connectivity to third-party Do Not Call (DNC) services, such as (Contact Center Compliance), and in-house DNC lists, to better ensure regulatory compliance
  • A complete SIP-based "all software" architecture to support outbound campaigns in a VoIP environment and reduce IT complexity

Empower your outbound campaigns to run more effectively.

Interaction Dialer® 4.0 brings numerous enhancements to the Interactive Intelligence outbound solution set.

Multi-campaign dialing

Dialer 4.0 allows multi-campaign dialing and management without the need for workflows. Multiple campaigns can run simultaneously with priorities set for each to determine volume of calls placed for the duration of each campaign. Workgroups, as well as individual agents, can be assigned to specific campaigns – with multiple active campaigns per agent.

Improved user interface

Interaction Dialer 4.0 offers a complete re-write of user interface. It’s more intuitive and visually appealing with the new accordion-style presentation.

Blended call dispositions

Another key enhancement of our predictive dialer is the ability for blended call dispositioning. Dialer 4.0 allows both inbound and outbound agents to use the same wrap-up codes – for consistent results and more accurate reports.

Real-time stats and expanded reporting

Real-time statistics are now available on the supervisor’s desktop or to agents through Interaction Marquee™. Reporting is more extensive – with the consolidation of data into three distinct tables: Call History, Agent Stats and Campaign Stats.

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