Interaction Mobilizer®

Finally, a real mobile customer experience.

Deploying a mobile app for your customers is one thing. Ensuring that app gives customers the capabilities they expect is something else entirely.

Make the mobile service experience your new competitive weapon. Connect your mobile customers directly with the people or information they need, all from within your existing mobile app. Introducing Interaction Mobilizer®, a mobile software developer kit (SDK) that enables you to quickly incorporate customer service, communications functions, and business process events into your existing apps and run them on a variety of mobile operating systems, devices, and social media websites.

Intelligently link mobile customers to the contact center.

Enable mobile customers to connect directly with the contact center, initiate self-service actions with the option for live agent assistance if needed or, for mobile employees, easily access other employees and business process work items.

Provide a direct connection by enabling customers to click a button to make a call, request a callback, or start a chat right from your customer service app instead of searching through your web site then manually dialing a toll-free number. Or offer them a similar experience on your company’s Facebook page or other web page.

Use the intelligent routing and other advanced functions of your Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) contact center automation platform to give customers a service experience consistent with a mobile experience.

Supply agents with contextual information from a customer’s prior online mobile activity – so any customer interaction is immediately personalized and far more efficient. You can also extend mobile functionality to external parties such as customers and partners.

  • Packaged plug-ins – Give your organization a straightforward, cost-effective way to incorporate communications and business process events into mobile apps using your existing infrastructure for reduced costs.
  • Powerful self-service options – Offer applications to customers using iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices as well as social media sites like Facebook for increased customer satisfaction.
  • One-click connection – Directly link the mobile customer service experience with the contact center (organizations drop in packaged plug-ins or widgets, callback requests, click-to-call, chat, email, video, SMS, kick-off business process) for faster, more effective service.
  • Personalized interactions – Supply contextual information from a customer’s prior online mobile interactions (history, location) to the agent for an exceptional customer experience.
  • Continuous deployment – Extend your organization’s mobile customer service options with additional packaged plug-ins, widgets, and apps available on the Interactive Intelligence MarketPlace® for reduced time to market.
  • Connected mobile employees – Let employees easily access other employees, communication functions, or business process work items for improved customer service.

Find a partner that cares as much about your business as you do.

Make Interactive Intelligence an extension of your internal IT organization for world-class operations, education, and support.

  • Client Success – Partner with a team committed to your success.
  • Professional Services – Tap into experience from thousands of deployments.
  • Education – Get the training you need to hit the ground running.
  • Support – Ensure the heart of your business doesn’t skip a beat.

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