e-FAQ® Knowledge Management

Drive intelligent knowledge management.

Support rapid retrieval and information sharing for knowledge management needs such as self-service customer inquiries and inter-office data access. The e-FAQ solution propels information across your organization with rapid, on-demand data delivery via web interface or email.

  • Enhance the customer experience – both self-service and agent assisted.
  • Reduce operational costs by offloading calls and reducing handle times.
  • Provide agents quick access to information to better service customers.
  • Increase the accuracy and effectiveness of responses.
  • Optimize agent value by offloading repetitive manual queries.
  • Increase brand loyalty and future revenue.

Offer better insight into your company’s practices and offerings.

Whether for cross-training of internal agents or as a self-service tool for customers, e-FAQ is a unique solution that allows organizations to implement an intelligent knowledge management solution that can be easily tracked and modified.

  • Implement on your website to offer self-service to customers and employees, or as an embedded module in Customer Interaction Center (CIC) for contact center agents.
  • Combine e-FAQ with CRM applications and portals to speed data searches and responses.
  • Take advantage of a robust matching engine, allowing users to query based on exact keywords, phrases, or synonyms and ensuring users receive correct results.
  • Issue immediate auto-responses to customers together with suggested matches.
  • Simply and intuitively author content – no programming skills required.
  • Manage specific FAQs at individual user and group levels through a single administration environment, including entry creation and modification.
  • Perform ‘what if’ testing for entry validation and tuning to ensure correct responses are retrieved.
  • Rate entries and suggest edits using the e-FAQ feedback tool.
  • Track query and response activities using e-FAQ’s web-based reports for workflow, usage history, and query search to quickly analyze trends and better respond to customer needs.
  • Maintain information in languages that include Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

Find a partner that cares as much about your business as you do.

Make Interactive Intelligence an extension of your internal IT organization for world-class operations, education, and support.

  • Client Success – Partner with a team committed to your success.
  • Professional Services – Tap into experience from thousands of deployments.
  • Education – Get the training you need to hit the ground running.
  • Support – Ensure the heart of your business doesn’t skip a beat.

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