Interaction Web Portal

Get the right information at the right place and time.

Interaction Web Portal (IWP) offers a window into contact center operations, allowing users to access business and customer service information anywhere at any time. Using this tool, stakeholders from within and outside the contact center are able to access a single, inclusive environment to view near-real-time statistics, pull historical reports, hear live agent calls, and listen to call recordings – all via secure web access.

By providing a flexible, simple way to access to critical information, IWP allows users to make better decisions and improve overall contact center performance.

Outsourcer’s competitive advantage

Designed with the outsourcer in mind, IWP allows service providers to offer a full range of monitoring tools for their own customers in one portal dashboard. Since a key deliverable for any contact center outsourcer is reports and statistics regarding program operations, outsourcers gain considerable benefits by sharing this portal with clients so they can access what is occurring in the contact center.

Additionally, this tool allows the CIC administrator to securely partition and create unique views and access for each client and their users.

Agent performance tool

Give agents access to their own call recordings along with associated quality scores, formal reviews, and scheduling information from management and quality monitoring team. Because IWP is web-based, access is simplified. Dedicated workstations are not required, eliminating the need to schedule each user’s review time.

Simpler approach to displaying statistics

Display real-time statistics on wall boards, LED screens, monitors, and smart phone mobile devices. With Interaction Marquee added on to IWP, users get a simpler approach to sharing contact center statistics with workgroups and organizations.

Get an instant view of the contact center.

Real-time statistical dashboard

  • Monitor service levels instantly
  • View key performance indicators (KPIs) and other statistics
  • Display data in numeric or graphical format
  • Use color indicators to depict performance level

Historical reporting

  • Configure, view and email reports on ad hoc or scheduled basis
  • Allow system administrators to control viewable data for each user

Remote live call monitoring

  • Enable live call monitoring from remote locations
  • Grant access to specific workgroup queues

Streaming call recordings

  • Eliminate the need to download audio files locally
  • Make recordings available based on user name and passcode
  • Grant individual agents access to recordings and scorecards
  • Search recordings based on date, time, agent name, workgroup or location
  • Pre-define recordings to eliminate complex searches

Outsourcer secure client access

  • Grant clients access to dashboards, reports, monitoring and recordings
  • Securely partition access for each client based on user name and passcode
  • Clients display company logo to increase their brand awareness

Agent Portal

  • Ability to see own statistics versus others (Scorecards and Surveys)
  • Access to schedules and time off requests
  • Access to own recording and schedule sign off
  • Quality and satisfaction trends

Interaction Marquee

  • Web-based Administration: Performed inside the Interaction Web Portal (IWP) framework under portal management.
  • Flexible Statistical Data Packages: Includes statistics for workgroup, Interaction Feedback®, workgroup queue, Interaction Optimizer®, license.

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