Interaction Monitor®

Monitor servers and appliances from one interface.

This client/server solution remotely observes and administers servers, gateways and other associated devices in an Interaction Center (IC) network configuration, such as a configuration for Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) software.

For IC system administrators as well as partners

Interaction Monitor fully automates the monitoring process in a single environment, 24/7. This minimizes the labor-intensive manual tasks that system management usually requires and ensures service continuity at all times.

Easy deployment, centralized management

Simply install Interaction Monitor’s server component on dedicated hardware and its client application locally. From there, the server collects IC system data on a continuous basis and displays it via the client. This allows any administrator to monitor and support activities as well as manage system devices in a single interface, remotely.

Remote system monitoring

  • Automated, proactive system monitoring 24/7
  • Monitors for IC system errors, warnings, failures
  • Automated notifications via email, based on event criticality
  • Monitored devices: IC servers, Interaction Gateways, Interaction SIP Proxy, Interaction Media Server, third-party gateways, generic devices
  • Alerts based on activity occurring in real-time when using SNMP GETS, SNMPTraps, Pings, SIP Options messages, WMI

Remote management/remote support administration

  • One-stop shop for remote system management
  • Automate day-to-day support administration and log retrieval process
  • Remotely access multiple systems/devices from a single application, no need to log in and out of multiple services and devices
  • One environment to automate labor intensive system management activities
  • Customer Interaction Center (CIC) server
  • Gen1\Gen2 Gateway\Media Server\SIP Proxy

System performance improvement

  • Adhere more tightly to Interactive Intelligence best practices for administration and support
  • Manage your IC system and devices more effectively, and troubleshooting processes more efficiently
  • Reduce risk by uncovering problems before end users and customers do
  • Resolve issues faster and more accurately

Find a partner that cares as much about your business as you do.

Make Interactive Intelligence an extension of your internal IT organization for world-class operations, education, and support.

  • Client Success – Partner with a team committed to your success.
  • Professional Services – Tap into experience from thousands of deployments.
  • Education – Get the training you need to hit the ground running.
  • Support – Ensure the heart of your business doesn’t skip a beat.

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