Interactive Voice Response

IVR solutions that adapt to your business

Welcome your consumers and strengthen customer loyalty with our powerful IVR solutions.

  • Bank by phone
  • Prescription refills by phone
  • Feedback surveys
  • Outbound notifications and appointment reminders
  • Catalog purchases and more

Improve customer satisfaction levels.

Replace digit-intensive dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) “Touch-tone” IVR interfaces with speech-enabled service menus that guide customers more intuitively.

Free up agent resources.

Automate repetitive tasks that can sidetrack agents — verifying account balances, answering inquiries, tracking incidents, resetting customer passwords. Agents are more readily available to handle interactions that generate discernible revenue.

Report on activities across media types.

Our IVR solutions come with standard reports for lines, line groups, and fax - allowing managers to easily review system activity statistics for phone calls, faxes, web-based callback requests and wireless interactions, plus operational costs.

  • Offer 24x7 self-service options that attract customers and improve retention.
  • Support post-call satisfaction surveys, including surveys created using the integrated Interaction Feedback™ module.
  • Offer multi-lingual options including English, Spanish and other languages.
  • Increase contact center capacity by completing calls within the IVR without agent interaction.
  • Improve call capacity without adding staff in your contact center or service groups.
  • Increase call completion rates with interactive voice recognition.
  • Structure outbound IVR applications for automated appointment reminders, emergency notifications, wakeup calls, fundraising, telesales messages, and supplemental marketing.
  • Provide internal services for employees, such as benefits enrollment, time and attendance reports, shift scheduling, and work order assignments.

Find a partner that cares as much about your business as you do.

Make Interactive Intelligence an extension of your internal IT organization for world-class operations, education, and support.

  • Client Success – Partner with a team committed to your success.
  • Professional Services – Tap into experience from thousands of deployments.
  • Education – Get the training you need to hit the ground running.
  • Support – Ensure the heart of your business doesn’t skip a beat.

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