Cloud Solutions

Embrace the power of the cloud without compromise.

Trust is paramount when moving critical business applications to the cloud. Interactive Intelligence cloud solutions provide this assurance, together with rich functionality and flexibility to optimize services to meet specific needs. Whether you need a solution for the Mid-size to Large Contact Center, Small Contact Center (10-50 agents), Unified Communications, Strategic Resource Planning , Business Process Automation, or Accounts Receivable Management, count on the power of the cloud.

Increased flexibility

  • Give the business greater agility and control
  • Rapidly scale up or down to meet seasonality and growth needs

Faster deployment

  • Get up and running quickly
  • Rapidly deploy new capabilities

Minimal upfront capital expense

  • Gain access to rich functionality with limited capital outlay
  • Spend smarter by paying as you go

Reduced IT staff requirements

  • Offload the complexities of upgrades, maintenance and disaster recovery
  • Refocus resources on strategic imperatives

Cloud Contact Center

  • Cloud Contact Center for Mid-size to Large Organizations
  • Unified Communications
  • Business Process Automation

Small Contact Center Cloud

  • Cloud Contact Center for Small Organizations (10-50 agents)
  • Unified Communications

Strategic Resource Planning
Business Process Automation
Accounts Receivable Management

Frost and Sullivan award
Ovum report