Interaction Director®

Do more with intelligent multi-site call routing software.

Interaction Director enables the the Customer Interaction Center™(CIC) solution to route calls, emails, and faxes to the location that can best handle them. That’s up to hundreds of thousands of interactions per hour using a single Interaction Director server and CIC’s multichannel ACD.

Route all multichannel interactions consistently.

In addition to calls, emails and faxes, the CIC-Interaction Director combination just as easily routes generic media such as CRM trouble tickets and order system verifications. When used with CIC and the Interaction Process Automation® (IPA) solution, Interaction Director makes it possible to route and automate IPA-based business process tasks and work items.

Avoid overloads to meet service level goals.

With two or more locations connected by a wide area network running TCP/IP and using CIC, Interaction Director helps smooth bumps and spikes in interaction volume.

How it works

In one seamless process, our call routing software communicates in real-time to registered CIC servers in multiple locations, gathers data relevant to queues, users, workgroups, skills and other interaction factors – then stores that data for quick access to make routing decisions automatically.

Pre-call and post-call routing in Interaction Director uses the SIP standard to allow for third-party SIP-based integration.


  • With any carrier that provides a basic SIP messaging translation
  • Calls to any IP route point in a contact center’s LAN/WAN


  • Calls to any IP route point in a contact center’s LAN/WAN
  • Route emails, faxes and generic media such as trouble tickets and order system verification
  • Intelligent load balancing to scale operations, including configurable call routing rules to define overflow handling, best site/agent routing, etc.
  • Reduce agent costs and turnover by leveling interaction loads for all agents
  • Flexible multichannel routing according to agent skill sets, queue levels and other data
  • Real-time supervisor views of workgroups, agents, interactions and route detail
  • The flexibility of CIC’s standards-based architecture for:
    • Lower deployment, operation and maintenance costs
    • Inherent disaster recovery — routing interactions to an alternate site when necessary
    • SIP-based remote access for at-home agents and supervisors

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