Multichannel and screen recording, playback, and archiving

Capture customer interactions across all channels.

Recording calls, chats, emails, and other customer interactions is essential to understand the complete customer experience your organization delivers. Interaction Recorder® provides comprehensive multichannel recording capabilities that help your business optimize customer care, agent performance, and regulatory compliance.

As an integral part of the Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) all-in-one platform, recording is quick to deploy, worry-free in operation, and easy to maintain. Interaction Recorder maximizes the value your business receives from capturing and monitoring customer interactions, enabling you to:

  • Improve customer care practices and workforce performance.
  • Intervene proactively with live interaction monitoring.
  • Supplement training programs both for on-site and remote users with interaction recordings.
  • Determine where processes may need to be updated or revised to work better.
  • Unequivocally verify sales orders and resolve potential disputes.
  • Mitigate the risk of possible regulatory fines and legal costs.
  • Know your customer information and recordings are protected and secure.

Part of a comprehensive workforce optimization suite

Interaction Recorder is a part of the Interactive Intelligence Workforce Optimization (WFO) suite, a comprehensive solution for optimizing workforce performance to achieve operational goals. Seamless integration with the Interactive Intelligence all-in-one contact center solution ensures quick deployment, lower operating costs, and worry-free operation. Interactive Intelligence WFO provides feature-rich functionality for interaction recording, workforce management, quality management, customer feedback, strategic planning, and real-time speech analytics.

Choose the cloud or on-premises.

Interactive Intelligence offers the choice of a complete on-premises solution, a cloud solution, or a managed service. You can even move your cloud solution to your own site at any time without incurring downtime or losing your applications.

Recording for all types of media

  • Multichannel recording for calls, IVR, web chats, emails, SMS, and social media
  • Synchronized playback of screen and audio recordings, including work items not requiring direct customer interaction such as processing a claim or conducting research

Painless recording management

  • A single, simple interface for configuring multiple policies — WHAT interactions are recorded, WHERE they are stored, and WHO can access, play, score and export them
  • Flexibility to store and play files locally to reduce bandwidth utilization
  • Intuitive categorization to archive and quickly retrieve recording files in large volumes

Data security and PCI compliance

  • Pause interaction recordings when sensitive information is collected
  • Encrypt recordings, including 256-bit AES
  • Locally store recordings for cloud-based deployments
  • Configurable access rights for authorized individuals and groups

Adaptable architecture

  • Non-blocking architecture, simplifying integration with other applications
  • Add the Extreme Query™ solution from Interactive Intelligence and offload search activity from other recording operations to accelerate the query process — produce a full scan of 90 million recordings (more than 130 million recording segments) in approximately 11 seconds, specify a date range, and you’ll typically get the results in less than 2 seconds

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