Introduction to Interactive Leasing

Interactive Intelligence Leasing provides lease financing solutions for telephony hardware and software partners and end customers nationwide. With competitive rates and flexible repayment programs, we can tailor a leasing program to suit your needs.

The Lease Advantage

  1. Convenience - Leasing is an easy way to aquire all of your equipment and maintenance needs into one easy payment plan that fits your company's needs.
  2. Flexibility - 100% financing is available and lease terms can be structured beyond tradtionally available loan terms.
  3. Tax Benefits - A true lease can be written off 100% as an operating expense while only interest and depreciation can be written off on a loan.
  4. Conservation of Credit Lines - Leasing is a new source of credit and allows companies to keep critical bank lines of credit open.
  5. Eliminate Obsolescence - Upgrading equipment is simple and you're not financially tied to obsolete products.
  6. Cash Conservation - leasing keeps your valuable cash reserves intact for day to day business operations.


Lease Process

  1. Click on the attached Application Link.
  2. On the Log In box, enter "inin" for the user ID and "Password" for the password.
  3. Complete the Credit Application. For deals under $100,000, your approval should take less than 10 minutes.
  4. Upon approval, the leasing contract will be sent to you via overnight mail.
  5. Sign the contract and return in the provided overnight mail packet.
  6. Upon delivery and installation of the equipment, our representative will call you to verbally verify the receipt and acceptance of the equipment.


Leasing is an important business strategy for any size company. Our leasing relationship with you doesn't stop with the verification of the equipment. We are here to assist you every step of the way. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call your Interactive Intelligence sales rep or Dan Kerr in our home office at 317.715.8291. Let the Interactive Intelligence Lease Advantage take the worry out of financing your Interactive Intelligence equipment purchases!

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