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Just as Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center® is the all-in-one solution, our Client Success Team is your all-in-one resource back in to Interactive Intelligence.

As our Client, our number one goal is to help you succeed as a result of the VALUE the Interactive Intelligence solution brings to your organization. In order to ensure that success, we have a Global Client Success team fully dedicated to this goal.

The business value we deliver:

  • Satisfaction: We work to improve and continually measure our Clients’ satisfaction using Net Promoter-based metrics. We engage with our Clients on a personal level to ensure that a mutual relationship based on providing business value and success is of paramount focus.
  • Communication: To ensure that the appropriate departments are responding with priority attention, we serve as your “voice” throughout our organization. Internally and in every way, we are your Client Success advocate.
  • Guidance: We act in the role of advisor as well as coordinator, ensuring that your business is realizing all available benefits — and exceeding the expected return on investment — from the use of Interactive Intelligence services and products.

Our role

Our role is to help become a proactive advocate/advisor for you within Interactive Intelligence.

  • We are the Client advocate, bringing consulting, product management, billing, professional services and other necessary departments to the table to help meet the needs of you and your customers.
  • We participate in strategic planning and act as a facilitator for industry best practices.
  • We align both Client and Interactive Intelligence roadmaps and act as a resource for recommendations.
  • We measure satisfaction by defining meaningful metrics that we can track through our Business Intelligence.
  • We provide value by maintaining knowledge of your strategic business objectives, operational metrics, baseline performance indices, and improvement goals that look for ways to create synergy.
  • We serve as the Client's voice, and work hard to earn the title, “trusted advisor,” with a deep understanding of our customer's needs.
  • We are here to ensure Client Success.

Client Success gains additional insight into client organizations and satisfaction when valuable feedback is provided via our Net Promoter survey. Please watch for your opportunity to provide your valuable feedback in the near future.


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