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The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions, 2nd Edition, 2015
Cloud-based contact center solutions continue to gain strength due to their managed costs, flexible applications, on-demand functionality and scalability, and the acceptance of the cloud itself. Sponsored in part by Interactive Intelligence, the 2015 report from ContactBabel details current drivers for cloud contact center solutions based on end-user surveys, plus key factors for implementation and use from vendors recognized throughout the cloud industry.
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Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Vendor
As businesses continue to replace their existing premise-based contact centers with cloud solutions, vendors are rapidly developing their capabilities and making acquisitions in the space. It can be difficult for enterprises to navigate the broad array of available cloud contact center offerings. This report reviews many of the leading cloud contact center solutions, with particular emphasis on the ability of providers to handle multichannel customer interactions and connect data through analytics. It compares solutions based on the strength of their technology platforms, the views of their customers, and the impact that each company has in the marketplace.

The Contact Center Decision-Makers' Guide, 2014 – 7th edition
This newest edition of the Decision-Makers' Guide from ContactBabel offers the largest and most comprehensive study of all aspects of the US contact center industry: Quality and performance, new media, the customer of the future, increasing profitability, HR management, and strategic directions, including why centers are turning to cloud solutions. Read the survey results and analysis from more than 200 contact center managers and directors in this exclusive version of the Decision-Makers' Guide, sponsored by Interactive Intelligence.
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Building the Business Case for a Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution
Cloud-based contact center solutions are altering the dynamics and responsibilities of operating environments. As a value proposition, business and IT managers have found the cloud’s cost-effective service appealing. But to make sure senior management is also comfortable with the financial advantages of a cloud-based solution, it’s essential to build a solid business case first. Read how in this comprehensive report from DMG Consulting, sponsored by Interactive Intelligence.

CIO Market Pulse: Communications-as-a-Service
According to a new survey from IDG Research Services, more IT leaders are turning to the cloud “as a service” model to deploy businesses communications applications. And they’re doing so in a number of industries, at an increasingly significant rate. Read the survey’s findings, and the rationale of IT leaders for choosing the cloud, in this CIO Market Pulse white paper sponsored by Interactive Intelligence.

The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions
That cloud-based contact center solutions are appealing right now comes down primarily to the increased functionality of hosted applications and the proven success and acceptance of the cloud itself. This report from ContactBabel, sponsored by Interactive Intelligence, details the drivers for cloud-based contact center solutions, along with key factors for implementation and use.
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Cloud Contact Center Market Trends: Movement from Best-of-Breed to Suites
For contact centers, moving to the cloud is no longer the question. The question is: What’s the best approach? According to the findings in this Executive Brief from Frost & Sullivan, best-of-breed and full-suite cloud solutions are both viable approaches at this point. Long term, however, full-suite cloud solutions will become the preferred model. Read what factors are driving the full-suite trend.

Business Communications: The Next Wave in Cloud-Based Computing?: Study compiled by IDG Research Services, in conjunction with CIO Custom Solutions Group
Cloud computing has quickly established its rightful place in modern IT organizations, helping enterprises become more agile while keeping costs in line. And with near-mainstream appeal, the new delivery model has proven its stripes with applications like messaging, storage and CRM. Now, technology innovators are applying what they’ve learned—and what they’ve gained—to business communications. This recent study by IDG Research Services explores how and why enterprises are taking communications into the cloud.

The Contact Center

Research Results: Interactive Intelligence Customer Service Experience Study (Wave II)
“What do customers want in a great service experience?” and “What do customers and companies want from the technology behind that great customer experience?” With one survey for consumers and a separate survey for IT professionals and customer care leaders (“professionals”), this in-depth study provides two distinct views of what contributes to a great customer experience. See what survey respondents from around the globe have to say in this Wave II final report, a follow-on to our initial 2013 Customer Experience Study.
Full 2014 report (32 pages)
Executive Summary (13 pages)

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Guide for Contact Centers
Recent changes in outbound dialing legislation and consumer protection regulations, specifically changes to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), have the outbound dialing sector scrambling. Companies of all sizes in most verticals are struggling to interpret and understand exactly what these new rules mean, their potential impact, and how to apply them. This guide from DMG Consulting, and sponsored by Interactive Intelligence, provides a concise summary of the TCPA statute and related regulations, and explains the new rules and their known impacts on enterprises.

Frost & Sullivan whitepaper: Cloud Momentum Boosts Trends in the Contact Center
In the latest full-year statistics for cloud solutions in the contact center, 2012 marked the first year in which the spend for cloud contact centers surpassed the premises-based contact center market. This paper examines why organizations of all sizes are now embracing the cloud and the options it gives them, and discusses the drivers that look to make the cloud a continuing trend in the contact center space.

The All-in-One Research Report Series from Benchmark Portal Inc.

Report #1: BenchmarkPortal's Research Report: A comparison of All-in-One versus Multi-Point Contact Center Solutions
Contact center managers, CTOs and IT professionals surveyed by BenchmarkPortal say they prefer a single, all-in-one source for all technology needs-and that they want their chosen single-source vendor to provide best-in-class functionality. Read the report's full results.

Report #2: BenchmarkPortal's All-in-One Cost Report
In 2006 BenchmarkPortal published findings based on a contact center survey showing that all-in-one systems were preferred over multi-point systems. This report explores the costs of both systems, with survey findings showing a lower total cost of ownership for all-in-one versus multi-point contact center systems. Read the report's full results.

Report #3: Technology Adoption/Migration Strategies for All-In-One Contact Center Solutions
Last in the BenchmarkPortal Series, contact center managers tell what they learned about migrating to an all-in-one solution: That a rip-and-replace approach isn’t needed, that migration can successfully follow different paths, and that self-knowledge, meticulous planning and ongoing integration capability are key.

Unified Communications

Today’s Enterprise Workforces: Remote But Not Isolated : Survey Conducted by IDG Research Services, in Conjunction with CIO Custom Solutions Group
In conjunction with CIO Custom Solutions Group, IDG Research Services recently surveyed enterprise decision-makers on IP communications and remote employees, and the results were favorably uniform: IP telephony keeps remote employees connected, communicating and collaborating as effectively as their in-office counterparts. Read what else respondents had to say.

IT Spending in a Down Economy: Smart Investments Make for Competitive Advantage
The economy is the topic of many water-cooler discussions and boardroom debates worldwide. IDG Research discovers how today’s economic conditions are affecting CIOs' purchase decisions.

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