Cloud-based Contact Center / Communications as a Service (CaaS)

Cloud Communications and the Federal Government: Opportunities to Seize
To put it carefully, certain technology decisions at the federal level since 2002 have been questionable. But citing new “Cloud First” policies for implementations in government contact centers, data centers, and federal agencies, cloud initiatives are now showing value by way of cost reductions and broader functionality. Abdo Rabadi of Blue Kite Consultants and Mechele Herres of Interactive Intelligence say even more benefits of the cloud await. Read how the federal government can best achieve them.

A Hybrid Approach to Cloud Communications: Combining the best of cloud services and on-premises infrastructure
Flexibility, faster deployment, minimal upfront expense, and reduced IT requirements have made Cloud Communications viable for business. Along with the many advantages of Cloud Communications, the Communications as a Service (CaaS) offering from Interactive Intelligence includes a hybrid deployment option that simultaneously provides the security, reliability and control of an in-house communications system. Read why this hybrid approach is better.

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The Contact Center

A Contact Center Crystal Ball: Marrying the Analyses of Service, Cost, Revenue, and Now, Customer Experience
If a contact center executive could have anything, it would be certainty… of contact demand, resource availability, operational efficiency, and of agent performance and customer experience delivery. But certainty in a contact center is nearly impossible, and in the absence of a crystal ball, mathematical models provide the next best thing. They alert, evaluate operational risk, and propose business and resourcing solutions. And now, the best of these models also determine expected experience delivery.

Microsoft® Lync® in the Contact Center: Integrating with Customer Interaction Center™ to Provide a Barrier-free Customer Experience
Microsoft Lync Server 2010 has no equal for unified communications in the enterprise. But for the contact center, Microsoft Lync can fall short. When businesses integrate Microsoft Lync with CIC from Interactive Intelligence, they bring the enterprise and the contact center together. They extend multichannel communications options. They enhance collaboration between contact center agents and enterprise subject matter experts. They decrease hold times and increase First Call Resolution (FCR) rates. They make the customer experience seamless, and “exceptional.”

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Business Process Automation

Process Automation and Multichannel Technology: Exceptional Customer Experience Drives Success
Today, business process automation isn’t just about efficiency, it’s about operating a business for your customers. To ensure a positive customer experience, a process must trigger an automated action, and automation must then manage the experience across multiple channels, personalize the customer’s interaction, and predict the best next actions. Read more, from Chris Thalassinos, Mahnaz Meshkati, and Frank Chiu of Communications Intelligence Group, and Brad Herrington of Interactive Intelligence.

Optimizing Content-Centric Processes to Improve the Customer Experience
When managers watch how their front line personnel work and the processes they have to follow, they’re stunned by all the conflicting systems and media channels many processes involve. More than that, managers are alarmed by the resulting inefficiency and poor service levels. The solution, says author Craig Robinson of BBW Consultants, is a content-centric process approach designed to make service delivery more efficient, based on the way the customer prefers to communicate.

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Unified Communications

A Customer IP Communications System Roadmap
Goodbye PBX... all-in-one IP communications systems have become the new trend in the enterprise as well as contact centers. To successfully choose and implement an IP system, the best place to start is with a roadmap — current offerings, justification factors, upcoming solutions, and suggested planning guidelines. Without one, your new system might never move forward. Read more.

Strategic Planning

Using Contact Center Strategic Planning and Budgeting Tools to Optimize the Customer Experience
Customer Experience (CX) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) are two of the benchmark measurements companies now use to gauge customer satisfaction. And to understand how budgetary decisions impact CX and NPS outcomes, companies are turning to advanced contact center technology for strategic planning and big data. But business requirements to manage these outcomes successfully must incorporate back-office operations as well as the contact center. Read why.
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Top Tips for Managing the Contact Center Strategy
A capacity plan is the best big picture decision-making device for a contact center executive. In many ways, this plan and the resourcing decisions it expresses is the overarching statement of how management wants to treat its customers and agents. Read how a well-managed and funded strategic plan can lead to a well-managed operation, and to achieving desired satisfaction levels for customers and agents alike.

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Workforce Optimization

Using Real-Time Speech Analytics to Turn a Negative Experience into an Extended Revenue System
In a contact center environment, real-time analytics provide the live information needed to respond to difficult situations before a customer, a sale, or an opportunity is lost. Scott Bakken and David Patchen from MainTrax and Brandon Rowe from Interactive Intelligence discuss how real-time analytics help your business operate at optimal levels and experience increased growth and reduced costs.

Think Strategic: Workforce Optimization – Get it Working for Your Organization
It’s known that a Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution can improve a contact center’s operations and efficiency. But there’s little discussion on the benefits WFO can have on strategic planning and execution. Read exactly what benefits you can expect, from an improved customer experience and increased customer loyalty to greater employee satisfaction and decreased operational costs.

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Accounts Receivable Management

The Ongoing and Formidable Challenge of Compliance: Predictions for 2014
Successful compliance is constantly a challenge for companies in the ARM industry. To better understand the compliance landscape and complexity of U.S. Federal and state laws and regulations, Interactive Intelligence and insideARM.com queried a group of industry professionals about the trajectory of compliance issues in 2014. Read what these professionals say to expect moving forward.

Payment Compliance: Same Rules, Different Game
It’s an economic climate best described as post-recessionary, yet in sluggish recovery. And throughout the ARM industry, companies are facing challenges ranging from business operations to avoiding fraud to mitigating risks when collecting and processing payments. Chris Gonzales of BillingTree and Ian Winder of Interactive Intelligence discuss collections compliance and highlight strategies and best practices that mitigate risk and improve operational efficiency at the same time. Read more.

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The Insurance Industry

Enabling Collaboration in Insurance: The Role of Communications, Content, and Processes
Collaboration — working together for a common goal — is an integral part of the insurance business. But today, the need to rapidly assemble teams and capitalize on human expertise to provide faster, better decisions makes collaborating all the more important. Author Mark Breading of Strategy Meets Action explains how applying collaboration technologies to specific insurance business problems is enabling insurers to realize the true promise of collaborating for a competitive advantage.

Insurance Contact Centers in the Cloud: Communications as a Service (CaaS) Goes Mainstream
Insurers manage some of the most critical technology environments in any industry, and they’re increasingly turning to the cloud to provision their computing resources and services. Many insurance organizations are using cloud-computing approaches for servers, data storage and network capacity as well as for business applications, and are finding Communications as a Service (CaaS) in particular to be a natural fit. Read why, from author Mark Breading of Strategy Meets Action.

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The Utilities Industry

The Aging Utility Workforce: Business Impacts, Technologies, and Material Strategies to Address the Challenges
The utility industry’s workforce is aging, and according to industry analysts, it’s a growing concern to utilities worldwide. The concern is “brain drain,” and utilities are witnessing it at an increasing pace as long-tenured employees begin to retire and leave a void of knowledge. Kim Gaddy of Utility Analytics Institute, Mechele Herres of Interactive Intelligence, and a panel of industry professionals discuss what utilities organizations are doing to address an aging workforce and stem brain drain.

Let’s Get Social: Best Practices in Utility Outage Communications
Utility outages are inevitable. And how utilities communicate with customers who are impacted by an outage can be a relatively positive or an incredibly negative experience. With a strategic and proactive social media plan, utilities can improve real-time, two-way communications with customers and entire communities, and can even gain a competitive advantage. Read how, from author Warren B. Causey, President & CEO of Warren B. Causey, Ltd.

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The Interaction Center Platform

How the Interaction Center Platform® has Changed the Communications Industry
When Interactive Intelligence introduced its standards-based multichannel software platform for unified business communications and voice over IP (VoIP), it changed the communications industry. Now more than 17 years later, this platform is still revolutionary, and just as versatile, practical and straightforward as first envisioned. Read what makes the Interaction Center Platform a true-all-in-one solution for the contact center, the enterprise and the cloud, from Interactive Intelligence president and CEO Don Brown, and Tim Passios, senior director, Solutions Marketing.