June 9-11, 2015

Collect Conference

Live Webinars

Ensuring Consistent Omnichannel Performance with Workforce Optimization
Tuesday, June 23rd | 2:00 - 3:00 PM Eastern

Hitting Revenue and Cost Targets with WFO
Tuesday, October 8th | 2:00 - 3:00 PM Eastern

Thursday, May 21 | 2:00 - 3:00 PM Eastern

Planning for Possibilities in an Uncertain Contact Center Environment
Thursday, May 14th | 2:00 - 3:00 PM Eastern

Tips and Tricks for Successful Contact Center Forecasting and Planning
Tuesday, August 11th | 2:00 - 3:00 PM Eastern

Weekly Live Web Demonstration - CaaS Small Center
Every Tuesday at 2:00pm Eastern and Thursday at 11:00am Eastern

Weekly Live Web Demonstration - Contact Center Solutions
Every Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. Eastern

On Demand Webinars

Web Event: What's New for Contact Center in 2015 and Why it Matters
What will be the hot technologies in 2015? More importantly, will you be ready to capitalize on them?

Accounts Receivable Management

Handling Complaints and Collections Disputes
Join us as our panel discusses best practices for handling and tracking complaints and disputes, managing escalations and closing-the-loop.

Payment Compliance: Same Rules, Different Game
View this recorded webinar any time.

TCPA Compliance and Technology
Watch this recorded webinar and learn about TCPA compliance.

The Key to Receivables Management Success? A Thousand Dynamic Workflows
Listen to this recorded webinar and hear how to make workflows improve your receivables operations.

Business Process Automation

Building an ROI model for Your Cloud-Based Contact Center
This recorded webinar discusses why cloud ROI can vary significantly relative to its on-premise alternative depending on your specific situation and requirements.

Capacity Planning for Backoffice
In this webinar you will learn how to use what data you have to create a usable capacity plan for your backoffice work

Conducting an Internal Audit: Collection Agency and Debt Buyer Edition
Under CFPB supervision and oversight, collection agencies are now mandated to conduct internal audits of policies and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance.

Contact Center Metrics
In this session, we will describe some of the standard contact center metrics; describe ways that they have messed up some very big operations, and ways to improve center planning and reporting

How to Improve Operation Efficiency
In this webinar we will discuss long term planning analysis approaches

Insurance Contact Center – Interactive Intelligence Events
In today's "anywhere, anytime" customer-focused insurance business environment, operating a high-performance contact center is more important than ever. Listen to this webinar on demand.

IT Compliance Data Security Workshop
If your company isn't focused on compliance and data security, more than just your reputation is at risk.

Learning to Share
During this session we will look at different ways to approach the capacity plan that invite realistic input from the entire organization and help everyone take ownership in the plan

More Fun with Contact Center Metrics and Contact Center Planning: Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction
In this recorded webinar, we will focus on metrics used to measure the service and efficiency of our workforce management process, our agents, and our operation.

Regulations Tornados and Growth How to manage the unexpected within your contact center network
In this recorded webinar, we will discuss mathematical methods for planning in the face of change and how to prepare your contact center for the unexpected.

The Hidden Causes and Costs of an Inefficient Contact Center Operation and How Long Term Forecasts Drive Short Term Efficiencies
In this recorded webinar, we will discuss common ways that plans become inefficient and the operational repercussions of these inefficiencies.

Cloud Solutions

How Cloud Facilitates an Agile Contact Center
In this recorded webcast, you will learn how a cloud model for contact center software deployment can help deliver the experience your customers crave, through any channel.

How the Cloud Contact Center of the Future Will Deliver a More Intelligent Customer Experience
Register to attend a demonstration of Interactive Intelligence PureCloud ℠

The Latest Call Center Technology on a Limited Budget: Communications as a Service (CaaS)
Find out how you can gain access to the latest in call center technology NOW, instead of spending today’s limited budgets to keep old systems running.

Contact Center

An Expert's View: Training and Managing Home Based Agents
Hear from Sally Hurley, President and Co-Founder of VIPdesk, the pioneer of the virtual call center model, to learn training and managing home-based agents essentials.

Ask an Expert: Virtual Customer Care. When Is It Right For You?
Should your business trade in its brick-and-mortar call center for a new virtual model?

Boost the Quality of Your Customer Service: Best Practices for the Small to Mid-Size Contact Center
Join us for this webinar where we will help you uncover best practices and tactics large firms use successfully so you can fairly assess performance, encourage desired behaviors and improve quality and satisfaction

Contact Center Forecasting (and Reforecasting)
Reforecasting and operational risk – the what, how, and when.

Delivering a Winning Customer Experience with WFO
Explore how workforce optimization (WFO) gives insights into customer expectations, and guides employee and operational performance to deliver them.

Lessons from the Modern Contact Center
Learn how to bring expertise honed in the contact center to the rest of the enterprise.

Remote Agents: Taking Full Advantage of the IP Contact Center
Learn how you can extend your contact center beyond the walls of an office to incorporate the most effective resources available.

The Secret to Building a Lasting Relationship
Proactive Communications: Outbound’s Friendly Face

Virtual Event: Next Generation Contact Centers
You’ll come away from this deep-dive experience with a path forward into the customer contact infrastructure for your enterprise’s future.

Why CRM and Contact Center Solution Integration is a MUST.
Learn why CRM is more than just “customer account info”


Five Tips for Innovative Patient Engagement
With patient engagement strategies at the top of everyone’s priority list, healthcare organizations must implement the right technologies and processes to meet the challenge.

How to Cancel No-Shows & Build Patient Engagement
This webinar demonstrates how you can improve profitability, workflow, and patient experience, enhance patient engagement and boost population health, exceed patient expectations and more.


Making the Move to Digital Insurance - Tips for Success
One of the toughest challenges for the insurance market is the adoption of digital technology. However companies need to make digitization a priority in order to retain customers and improve their experience. But what does digital really mean?

Insurance Industry

Better Policyholder Experience Through the Voice of the Customer
Find out what insurance customers value most when it comes to their insurance companies’ technological prowess

Getting Answers from Mobile Initiatives
Learn what types of mobile initiatives leading insurance companies find successful for customers and business users.

Insurance 2015: Predicting Digital Trends
Register for this webinar to explore six key changes facing insurers in the coming year and how they will influence the digital customer experience.

Strategic Planning

Contact Center CaaS Deployments – Low/no upfront costs, reduced IT requirements, shorter implementation times. Is it reality?
Find out how CaaS solutions can reduce your capital expenditure and eliminate ongoing costs for maintenance, support and software upgrades, plus enhance the customer experience.

Forecasting Everything Important for Contact Centers: Volumes, Agent Shrinkage, AHT, and Now, Customer Experience
To develop a solid contact center plan, it is important to forecast several different metrics well. Learn how in this recorded webinar.

How to Set the Right Goals, Hiring Plans and Budgets for Your Contact Center
Register to view a demonstration of Interaction Decisions from Interactive Intelligence

Planning, Modeling, and Decision-Making in Your Complex Contact Center Operation
In this session, we’ll discuss important categories of metrics that aid decision-makers, and we will delve into the forecasting and analysis of complex contact center networks.

Unified Communications

Where is the ROI in Unified Communications?
Businesses lose significant time and money from human errors and latency. Hear Interactive Intelligence CEO Dr. Don Brown share how Communications-Based Process Automation (CBPA) can benefit your business.

Utility Industry

How Utilities Can Mitigate Collections Risk
In this webinar we'll share examples of best practices and technology you can use to help you better manage the collections lifecycle, including pre-emptive measures to mitigate risk upfront.

Let’s Get Social: Best Practices in Utility Outage Communications
Learn how outage communications are impacting utilities and how many are implementing plans, including social media, to keep customers in touch with accurate and up-to-date information when outages occur.