Weekly Live Web Demonstration - Contact Center Solutions

Interactive Intelligence invites you to take a peek at their contact center solutions in a customized webinar where the audience drives the content.

During this 60 minute session we’ll ask you, the attendee, to steer the live demonstration. We’ll poll the audience on a variety of topics just before we start, so the demonstration will focus on what the attendees are interested in covering. And we’ll continue to field questions during the demonstration to keep the focus on what you think is important.

Demos are presented every Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. Eastern (4:00pm GMT).


Topics covered will include:

  • The Interactive Intelligence all-in-one Interaction Center Platform®
  • The Agent experience
    • Handling of calls, emails, faxes, chats and more
    • Screen pops
    • Agent assistance
  • The Supervisor experience
  • Real-time monitoring, coaching, recording
  • Real-time stats and alerts
  • Quality monitoring
  • The Administrator experience
    • Moves, adds and changes
    • Recording rules
    • Outbound campaign management
  • The Customer experience
  • Enhanced IVR Routing to provide multiple self-service or agent assisted options
  • In-queue options to leave voicemail or call back requests
  • Post-call surveys for real time feedback


Questions Welcome!

Participants can call in or use live chat to be part of the demonstration. We’ll be answering any questions you have, making this web demonstration truly customized to your needs.